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Sound Maintenance Services began in Seattle in 1998, and was incorporated in 2004. From the beginning we have strived to present a quality service at a fair price. Upon this professional goal has grown a full service company which grows along with our clients' needs throughout the Puget Sound. With the growing emphasis on eco-friendly maintenance and the green philosophy, Sound Maintenance Services also offers a full range of green services which fit in with your views on the Earth and the environment.

Practices and Philosophies

Our relationship with our clients is a team effort. We will work with you to recognize and assess your needs and together develop solutions that pay attention to every detail. The safety of your staff and tenants is extremely important to us. We take a proactive approach on every client location to develop procedures that help protect everyone from potential hazards.

Our Quality Control program has been developed around your needs and we will respond right away to concerns. Once we have assessed the issue and discuss possible solutions, we then suggest an on-site meeting to remedy the problem. We will then provide you with updates that the problem is resolved and follow up with employees to refresh or revise training to ensure it does not happen again.

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